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Sippizone Interview W/MplsStreets

Taking a moment to get an inside scoop on the new Album Loyalty Or Nothing!

About Sippizone


Feel the music.  It is said that music expressed in a truthful and emotional way, can touch someone deep down in their soul,only few people can possess such a talent. In order for someone to make such meaningful music, they must have a story to tell. Not just any story, but a story of struggle, adversity, and hardship. It can’t be made up or fabricated; it has to be authentic. And with so much watered-down music these days, true music fans do not have someone to relate to. Well, that’s about to change. Meet Sippizone. Born and raised in the most poverty stricken state in the USA, Mississippi, Sippizone has a story to tell. 


When asked, “Why do people call you Zone?” he responds by explaining, “I love music. Music to me feeds the soul, and sometimes we need this. I want to make music that feeds the soul as well as send out a message and be something people can have fun with. No matter what the next man is doing, I’m always doing my style. I stay in my lane and remained focused. I’m in my ZONE. "Sippizone"


Sippizone has a story to tell, are you listening?


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