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Loyalty Or Nothing

"My Life" Sippizone Feat God-D

New Album Release

My Beginnings

Since a young age, I've been in love with music, but never thought it would be something i'd end up doing . Listening to Rap, Blues, Country, Pop, and etc gave me a broad look into the real feel of music, the soul touching side of it. Now every time i write i make sure i bring it from deep in my soul (My Heart). 

My Favorite Work

At the end of the day, the work I enjoy the most is when the audience feels connected to my music and to my performance. There's nothing worse than an audience that doesn't react to you and just watches passively. 

My Life Today

I'm very lucky to be doing what I love as my profession. Music allows me to travel and meet interesting new people all the time. I hope we are able to work together soon!

New Music

Available Now

This Album has meaning to it, it will leave you thinking hard about Loyalty! Because it's Loyalty Or Nothing.

Single From The Album

Single from the new Album Loyalty Or Nothing: Something for the ladies

New Single Just Released

Highly Anticipated Joint featuring Minnesota artist DB Tha Rasta

No Ties Coming Soon

New Single Release Coming Soon....

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Are you planning a special event? Are you looking for performers for a variety show? Send me a message about your plans, and I will get back to you soon!